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Phil Malone
BA (Hons) Geography

phil malone
Phil is an ex-BBC broadcaster who has been involved in training programme production for the past 20 years. He acts as consultant on a number of rural and environmental issues improving both internal and external communication for a number of clients from both the public and private sector.

He has been advising Senior Government Officials throughout the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Africa. He is used to working with professionals in many industries to help them communicate more effectively and improve training levels and motivation among staff. Much of his expertise includes assisting with the drawing up and implementation of national and international strategies.

Be Legal - A Guide to Transporting Animals By Road

An information and interactive training programme on the safe handling and transport of livestock in the UK. Providing an update to highlight the principles and practice required to comply with the 2007 Regulations relating to the transport of livestock within the EU. > more

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