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Be Legal – A Guide to Transporting Animals By Road
Guidance on the Regulation for Animal Transport in Europe
An information and interactive training programme on the safe handling and transport of livestock in the UK. Providing an update to highlight the principles and practice required to comply with the 2007 Regulations relating to the transport of livestock within the EU.

This DVD project provides background information on the EU Regulations on Animal Transport that come into operation from January 2007. The Regulations say that people need to know about the handling and animal welfare and more importantly, people who have animals as their business, need to know the Regulations to stay compliant.
There are specific requirements for certain journeys requiring training and assessment of competence. The DVD looks at animal transport throughout the UK and abroad for breeding and slaughter .

It delivers information in an easy to understand form for people to select the information that is applicable to them and to get a working understanding of how the Regulations apply to them - whether or not they need to go forward for formal assessment.

What it covers…
Animal species: Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, deer and poultry
  • Physiology
  • Behaviour
  • Flight zones
  • Handling

    Transport Vehicles: Fixed Base, trailers and containers
  • Construction
  • Loading
  • In transit
  • Unloading

    Journey Length:
    What you need to know for journeys of…
    <50Km, >50Km but less than 8 hours, over 8 hours
    both within the UK and into other countries

    Practical Tips from the professionals


Be Legal - A Guide to Transporting Animals By Road

You can order the “Be Legal” DVD by clicking here,
or send a cheque made out to Animal-i Ltd. to the Animal-i address (103 Main Road, Wilby, Northants, NN8 2UB).
RRP: £19.99 UK (inc. VAT) (£24.99 ROW). Please allow 28 days for delivery.

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